Non-Metallics : Game changer for Multiple Industries

Non metallics can be a game changer for the energy and oil and gas industry, improving corrosion, cost efficiency and asset management, among others.

Energy companies operate in complex environments, where they face constant challenges especially with respect to corrosion. Now with the above-mentioned corrosion risks looming at different industries, the time has come to evaluate use of alternative materials such as non-metallics to combat corrosion and overcome the challenges. 

Non-metallic materials are increasingly being deployed across multiple industries, including oil and gas, construction, maritime, automotive, packaging and renewables. They offer several advantages over metallic materials, such as corrosion-resistance, reduced weight, increased durability, lower cost, and improved environmental efficiency.

Overcoming Corrosion

Non-metallics could bring about a paradigm shift in the way that industry deals with corrosion. There could be significant urge for industries to shift from corrosion control to corrosion prevention strategies. Developing sustainable non-metallic solutions may significantly reduce long-term corrosion costs for industries, benefitting one and all. 

Diving deeper into the energy sector, the oil and gas global demand for non-metallics has been growing at faster rate than general oil and gas pipeline demand as the non-metallic operating envelope and life cycle cost have become more competitive due to the need to replace the traditional carbon steel pipelines. 

The trend in the oil and gas sector is to replace conventional steel pipes with non-metallic pipes wherever possible and this has generated benefits in-terms of lower total cost of maintenance and ownership.